Is Delta-8 Legal In Indiana? Updated 2022 Guide

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Delta-8 has been receiving a lot of attention recently. And hey, you may be just as curious about what this compound is—and most importantly, whether it is legal. 

Understanding the laws surrounding the legality of hemp products can feel like navigating a maze. If you're down in Indiana, one pressing question you may have right now is this: 'Is delta-8 legal in Indiana?" 

Before you get your hands on any delta-8 product, you'd definitely want to know what the laws on delta-8 THC in Indiana say—but don't worry, we've got you covered. This guide will also walk you through the effects of delta-8 and the differences between delta-8 and its wildly popular cousin, delta-9. 

What Is Delta-8?

Before we dive into the question, "Is delta-8 illegal in Indiana," we need to understand what delta-8 is. Why is there such a big 'hoo-ha' surrounding delta-8, anyway? 

Well, delta-8 is actually a compound extracted from the hemp plant. And like any other hemp-derived product, it's subject to rather stringent laws and regulations. 

The hemp plant contains hundreds of different compounds, and delta-8 happens to be one of them. Unlike its cousin delta-9, delta-8 can only be found in very minimal amounts in the hemp plant. However, delta-9 and CBD can both be converted into delta-8 via chemical processes. 

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Delta-8 Vs. Delta-9

Delta-8 is a THC compound, just like delta-9. But they aren't the same thing, even though they come from the same source. So, what are the differences between delta-8 and delta-9

The main difference between delta-8 and delta-9 is their molecular structure. 

Now, this isn't a massive difference. But if you do remember something from your chemistry lessons, you might recall that a small change in molecular structure can actually alter the effects or characteristics of a compound. And yes, that concept applies here as well. 

The only difference in molecular makeup between delta-9 and delta-8 is this: A carbon-carbon double bond. Essentially, delta-8 has a double bond on the 8th carbon, hence its name. While delta-9 has a double bond on—yup, you guessed it—the 9th carbon. 

Now, we don't want you to get nightmare flashbacks of your chemistry classes, so we won't dive too deep. But this slight difference in structure changes how each compound interacts with the receptors in your body. 

Ultimately, the effects you experience from delta-8 are very different from what you would experience from consuming delta-9. 

And how do these effects differ? 

Delta-8 does get you high. But not the same high you would experience from delta-9. The effect of delta-8 gummies is usually described as a smooth, prolonged, and gentle high. Some people call it a 'functional' high, so you won't end up slumped on your couch, feeling groggy and hazed. 

That's a good thing—which is why many people choose to add delta-8 into their daily wellness routine. Some benefits of delta-8 may include: 

  • Maintaining a sense of calm throughout the day
  • Helping you to unwind after a long day 
  • Supporting you in getting your daily to-do list checked off 

How about delta-9? 

Well, the high with delta-9 is usually more intense compared to delta-8. Now, this is a full-blown experience. This high is hard-hitting with a rapid-onset. So, depending on your preferences, you may opt for one over the other. 

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Is Delta-8 Legal In Indiana?

As of this time of writing, yes, delta-8 is legal in Indiana. In other words, delta-8 can be legally possessed, sold, and manufactured in Indiana. 

But why is delta-8 legal in Indiana

Well, the laws in Indiana surrounding delta-8 THC currently follow the federal law. It's a little confusing, but we'll break it down for you. 

The federal law is distinguished in the 2018 Farm Bill. Before the farm bill, all hemp-derived products and substances were considered illegal. But this bill marks one of the greatest turning points for the legalization of hemp products. 

As noted in the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp-derived products are legal as long as this criterion is met: The product must contain less than 0.3% of delta-9 THC

So you might have noticed something. Delta-9 is mentioned, but where does delta-8 come into the picture? 

Well, since delta-8 and delta-9 are different compounds, delta-8 products are considered legal as long as they contain less than 0.3% of delta-9 THC. But this doesn't mean that delta-8 is legal in each and every state, because each state still gets to decide for itself whether or not hemp-derived products are legal. 

For those residing in Indiana, this news is music to your ears—because, yes, delta-8 THC products are legal in Indiana as long as they meet the mentioned requirement. Delta-8 products can also be legally shipped to Indiana. 

Will you need a medical card to get delta-8 in Indiana, though? 

Because no ban has been instated on delta-8 products in Indiana, you will not need a medical card to access these products. 

But there's one catch. Delta-8 comes in many forms: Gummies, vapes, flowers, edibles, and tinctures. You may have read some conflicting information about which forms of delta-8 are legal and which aren't. But delta-8 flowers are not legal in Indiana as of now. 

So to err on the side of caution, it's best to stick to delta-8 edibles or tinctures to get your delta-8 fix. 

We just covered a huge chunk of information. To keep you up to speed, here's what you should know about delta-8's legality in Indiana: 

  • Delta-8 THC is federally legal.
  • Delta-8 THC is legal in Indiana. 
  • Smokable delta-8 flowers are not legal in Indiana. 
  • For delta-8 products to be legal, they must contain less than 0.3% of delta-9 THC. 
  • You don't need a medical card to access delta-8 THC in Indiana. 
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Where To Buy Delta-8 THC in Indiana

Now, onto the exciting stuff—how to get your hands on delta-8 in Indiana. 

You can generally get delta-8 from your local dispensary or shop in Indiana. Alternatively, you could also purchase delta-8 from online stores. 

Local dispensaries offer convenience and speed, mainly because you can have a bag of gummies ready to go in 15 minutes. You get to skip the delivery wait time, but purchasing delta-8 from online stores comes with a host of benefits as well, such as the following:

  • Certain stores offer discounts, sales, and free deliveries. 
  • The prices in e-commerce stores are usually some of the best on the market. 
  • There's a wide range of products, flavors, and forms of delta-8 you can choose from. 
  • Ordering a product online allows you to skip the drive down to your local store.
  • You can check the lab test results and other product information on the site (we'll explain why this is important later on). 
  • You can read any customer reviews on the product online.
  • You can easily compare prices and products from store to store (without needing to waste gas). 

If you're looking for the best delta-8 THC products in Indiana, there are some things you should keep an eye out for. Not all products are of high quality, so reading previous user reviews can give you a good gauge of how good the product is. 

Another thing you can look out for is the product's lab analysis results. These should be made publicly available on the site for transparency purposes. Because there are laws in Indiana on delta-8 THC products, you'll have to ensure the product you're purchasing is compliant. The lab test results demonstrate how much delta-9 THC is contained within the product, and it should contain less than 0.3% of delta-9 to be considered legal. 

Other than that, you may also prefer one form of delta-8 over another. As mentioned earlier, delta-8 comes in several forms: 

  • Edibles: Delta-8 edibles commonly come in the form of gummies, but some stores also sell edibles such as delta-8 infused chocolates and brownies. Delta-8 gummies offer a playful (and discreet) method of consuming delta-8. Plus, you'll get to choose from many different flavors to keep your tastebuds entertained! Because delta-8 edibles are broken down in your stomach before the THC enters your liver, these can take between 30 minutes to 2 hours to activate. But generally, their effects last the longest. 
  • Tinctures: Delta-8 tinctures come in liquid form. You'll drop this liquid beneath your tongue, and the delta-8 will cross the membranes in your mouth before entering your bloodstream. Convenient, mess-free, and subtle—tinctures are a great option for those looking for products with a faster onset of action. Tinctures usually activate between 15 and 30 minutes, though their effects don't last as long as edibles. 

If you're looking for some high-quality delta-8 gummies that are completely compliant, our Delta North delta-8 gummies fit the bill. 

We want the absolute best for our customers, so we've sent our products for third-party lab testing for quality and safety. These gummies do not contain any delta-9 THC (the legality box is checked!), not to mention they've also passed tests for mercury, microbial contaminant, and pesticide content. 

And we might be biased, but these are definitely some of the most delicious-tasting gummies on the market!

The Future of Delta-8 THC In Indiana

Just because you've been given the green light, this doesn't guarantee that Indiana laws on delta-8 THC will never change. 

The future of delta-8 legality based on Indiana law is uncertain, so it's always best to do prior research before purchasing delta-8 in Indiana. These laws are ever-changing, and there is, in fact, increasing pressure from the Drug Enforcement Agency and authorities to reconsider delta-8's legality. 

But for now, you're good to go. 

Whichever product you opt for, ensure you perform research on the company. Making a blind purchase could land you some bad-quality knock-offs or get you into trouble with the law. 

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Final Takeaway: Is Delta-8 Legal in Indiana?

Right now, it's good news for you, Indiana folks. Hemp-derived delta-8 is legal in Indiana as long as the product does not contain more than 0.3% of delta-9 THC. But of course, it's always best to perform research on the product and company before purchase.If you're looking to get your hands on some refreshing, high-quality, and compliant delta-8 gummies, you're in luck! You can get them right here at Delta North in delta-8 gummies 1000mg or as a wholesale purchase, and these will be shipped right to your door!