Delta-8 Gummies – 500 mg – 20 Count

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  • Infused with our Superior Delta-8 Formula for an uplifting high
  • Guaranteed Vegan & Gluten-Free
  • Refreshing natural tasting flavors in every bottle
  • Federally Legal level of △⁹ below .3%
  • Grown & Manufactured in the USA

  “Out of all the delta-8 gummies we tested, Delta North was our favorite. On top of being delicious, their gummies packed a smooth high with a strong presence” – LAWEEKLY

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What You Get – Delta-8 Gummies 500 mg

Our 500 mg Delta-8 Gummies will leave you feeling chill and present. We have four delicious flavors to choose from — Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Mixed Berry, and Watermelon. Each delta-8 edible contains 25 mg of delta-8 and comes in a 20 pack. Yum! 

We’ve created delta-8 edibles that we’d be proud to give to our grandma. Yes, grandma can enjoy these, too! 

What are the effects of delta-8 gummies 500 mg?

Everyone’s body is different and as such, our Delta-8 gummies might react differently for you than they might someone else!. Surprise, surprise ;). 

Many have shared that its effects are smoother than its closely related cousin, tetra. It also makes sense because, you know, science. Delta-9’s structure is slightly different from delta-8, so it interacts with the endo-hemp system in its own unique way. 

If you’re seeking a smoother, calmer “high” than what you might experience with delta-9, delta-8 might be exactly what you’ve been looking for. 

You can buy Delta-8 gummies right here on this page.

Delta-8 Gummies 500 mg Ingredients 

Ingredients: Hemp-derived Delta-8

Other Ingredients: Corn Syrup, Sugar, Pectin, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Sodium Citrate, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Lactic Acid, FD&C Red No. 3, FD&C Blue No. 1

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Third-party Lab Testing

Testing matters. You need to know what you’re consuming before agreeing to consume it. You can find a Certificate of Analysis here. We test every product to ensure our delta-8 gummies contain what we say they contain. That’s the definition of informed consent. 

Information is sexy. 

Some words of caution — Because We Care About You

Always consume responsibly. Do not drive or operate any machinery while using this product. It’s also advisable to consult a trusted healthcare professional before taking this product, and not consuming more than the amount recommended. 

It’s not recommended for use if pregnant, nursing, or if you have any diagnosed or undiagnosed health conditions. 

As always, use common sense! 

Delta-8 Gummies 500 MG Certificates Of Analysis

Delta-8 Gummies 500mg Berry COA

Delta-8 Gummies 500mg Cherry COA

Delta-8 Gummies 500mg Blue Raspberry COA

Delta-8 Gummies 500mg Watermelon COA

Delta-8 Gummies 500 MG FAQs

How Is Delta-8 Made?

hrough a process that involves converting certain compounds in the hemp plant into delta-8, typically through a method that involves combining one of the major phyto-hemp with a solvent heating it to a specific temperature for a certain amount of time so that a chemical reaction can occur that leaves you with delta-8. 
There’s much more to the process, and this is where testing matters. You can make delta-8 edibles mindfully, or not. We choose mindfully, and with that comes the good manufacturing practices to ensure minimal processing, no residual solvents, and a whole lotta love. 

Where can I buy delta-8 gummies?

Buy delta-8 gummies right here at Delta North, of course! All you need to do is pick your ideal strength and flavor OR choose our highest concentration which allows you to sample all flavors in our tropical mix. Add it to your cart, and voila. We’ll send those chill AF vibes through the mail right into your lovely hands. 

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Berry, Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Watermelon

168 reviews for Delta-8 Gummies – 500 mg – 20 Count

  1. Hannah P.

    What was important to me was sleep. I’ve been having trouble winding down for years. This really helps, and Delta North is super nice on the phone.

  2. Katerina S.

    My order arrived super fast & was packaged perfectly! The delta-8 gummies are fresh and worked for me almost instantly! I try them before breakfast everyday and it really helps me liven up and get ready for the day. I’m really enjoying these gummies & couldn’t be happier with my purchase. I’ll be buying from Delta North again!

  3. Evan W.

    Great customer service. Products are awesome. Delta-8 gummies do exactly as promised!

  4. Nathan S.

    I purchased this because I have really bad stress and needed a way to help manage it. What it does for me is really calm me down. I work a lot at my job. I love these. For those of you who want to help manage your stress. These are for you. They taste good too!

  5. Sean W.

    I had problems with other products. They would exaggerate their products with crazy claims. First of all, I want to say, these come with COAs and it was ultra-reliving. Each of the ingredients are listed and they even give lab reports! Got them super fast too.

  6. Elijah N.

    Product arrived ahead of time (something I haven’t seen with other brands). They guys really care too. Their customer service reached out to me the next day to check in on me and make sure I was taken care of. Will buy again!

  7. Kenneth L.

    I have been using Delta North for several months now. They really help me with my discomfort. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to feel better and not have all the pain and worry that comes with not feeling good.

  8. Cody B.

    These, without a doubt, helped calm me and get me back on track in an hour or so. I fell into a deep sleep taking these like I haven’t felt in years. I’m not sure how to read the COAs but for whatever reason these really work. I love them.

  9. Eric M.

    Really overall great product. I take 1 in the morning and 2 just before bedtime. Really helps me feel good and be productive when I need to be. Love the taste too…

  10. Joseph C.

    They taste so good! I will be buying again! Tried these with my friend and absolutely loved them!

  11. Aaron D.

    I take these every night before bed. I have issues with managing my stress and really need something to wind down after a long day. I would highly recommend these!

  12. Julian B.

    I bought this because nothing was working for me with my sleep. I have a lot of issues getting restful sleep and everything I’ve tried just hasn’t worked. I also have some pain which doesn’t help. I take the maximum mg from them because I need more but you may want to try a lower mg. Definitely worth the price. I’m sleeping like a baby now.

  13. Dylan F.

    I was nervous about trying delta 8 gummies… having not taken them before & not knowing anyone else that had I wasn’t sure if they would work. On the first try, within maybe an hour, I started feeling their effects. It was so relieving & it felt like managing stress just flew out the window. My sleep has improved too! The taste is surprisingly good.

  14. Tyler P.

    I experienced more stress management than I did anything for pain. Still, these gummies work wonders. Having never tried delta-8 before I can see why so many people are switching to it!

  15. Cameron H.

    Seemed more effective than all the other products I’ve tried for winding down at night. I can’t believe how tasty these are. The others I tried would get stuck in my mouth but Delta North’s are chewy! Will buy again!

  16. Shelby W.

    I worked 18 hours everyday for 7 days a week and I have crazy headaches and overall issues with my sleep. I tried these gummies yesterday before bed and I woke up like a new me! Now I’m crazy energetic!

  17. Keira C.

    Using delta 8 gummies was good for my sleep and rest. Feel much better now.

  18. Ella F.

    Flavor is great & it really helps you to relax before bed. Sleep quality has gone WAY UP!

  19. Cameron B.

    These delta-8 gummies really helped me manage stress and discomfort & so far have been working amazing! I definitely recommend them to anyone interested in better sleep!

  20. Makenzie S.

    The flavor is good. These have worked better than any other product I’ve tried for managing my stress. I have a lot of issues with stress at home & these have really helped take the load off.

  21. Madelyn H.

    These gummies work wonders. After a good nights sleep I wake up feeling refreshed & energized. With other products I would wake up feeling groggy. NOT WITH THESE! I love these gummies and will buy again!

  22. Aviva C.

    Absolutely love these delta 8 gummies. Only take one and it works great for me. Even with bad weather conditions my gummies still arrived on time. Very happy!

  23. Kylee K.

    I love the taste of this product. Unlike other products I’ve ordered that have arrived melted or already bad, these delta-8 gummies arrived on time and in perfect shape! I experience a lot of issues with my sleep and these gummies have really helped to take the load off too!

  24. Felicia B.

    This product really helped me manage my stress. I have a lot of issues relaxing with all of the stress I have & these really help me ease up and get into the moment. I take one and I feel so much better.

  25. Mary H.

    I have used many delta-8 products — gummies, tinctures, etc. This is by far the best one that I have ever tried! I will be buying these again on a regular basis. Tastes amazing and really helps me have a smooth relaxing high!

  26. Gregory B.

    I have a lot of trouble at night falling asleep and staying asleep. It seems like as soon as I’m asleep I’m back awake again.. These really help me ease into a restful sleep that I’ve never experienced with any other product I’ve had.

  27. Riley B.

    You have to try these delta 8 gummies. I have bought them several times in stores in my area. They taste amazing and really help me manage everyday stress. I highly recommend them!

  28. Larry D.

    Great product! Seems to be better than the other delta-8 gummies I’ve had. I love that they come with a COA so I can see exactly what I’m putting in my body.

  29. Jeffrey G.

    I absolutely LOVE the flavor of these gummies. Berry is by far the best one. Works well!

  30. Hayden M.

    I originally found Delta North in stores. It’s crazy how long their gummies stay fresh and taste amazing. I usually cut the gummy down a little for a “light high”. Definitely improves my life balance and makes me feel like I can really get back to getting things done.

  31. Ian R.

    I was not expecting the product to be as good as it was. It’s a smooth calming high unlike the other highs that make me anxious. Even after 4+ hours I’m still feeling good with these.

  32. Victor B.

    Great customer service & the product is AWESOME. I would highly recommend people to purchase from Delta North.

  33. Alex W.

    These delta 8 gummies are crazy tasty. Tried them with friends and couldn’t be happier. Very high quality product.

  34. Adam M.

    2 gummies really helps me take a load off and feel better. I highly recommend this product.

  35. Oscar C.

    This is my second purchase & I will be buying again. Delta North ships super quick & safe. With other products I’ve ordered the shipment always arrived damaged. These come perfect in the mail every time!

  36. Samuel T.

    These delta-8 gummies really are the best. Helps me when I’m on my way to sleep. I wake up energized every time the next day!

  37. Larry D.

    They taste amazing and really help me feel just how I want to! This is my daily go-to. I like to adjust the size of the gummy depending on the effects I want to have. Really helps me get my desired result!

  38. Raymond O.

    Very smooth high. The taste and everything just comes together so well. I haven’t slept this well in years. I was recommended to Delta North and couldn’t be happier about it. They really keep every part of the process top noche.

  39. Mason F.

    I’ll be ordering these again. These are BY FAR the best delta 8 gummies I’ve had. Make sure to take the recommended amount!

  40. Marco D.

    5 stars from me. Finally a delta 8 gummy that isn’t chunky! These are the perfect size too!

  41. Evan R.

    Works for me. Tastes great too! Will be buying again!

  42. Drew R.

    I’m biased. I love berry. These are super powerful & feel so uplifting.

  43. Jerry M.

    These are great!

  44. Joseph C.

    I tried 4 other brands before coming to Delta North. I have to say no other delta 8 brand compares. These guys really have their stuff together. High quality and worth the price!

  45. Jason W.

    Gummies came well packaged and secure. Arrived ahead of time. Nice to finally get delta 8 products quickly!

  46. Ryan C.

    Customer service is top noche. They answer super quickly and are super helpful. Give these guys a raise!

  47. Marco D.

    I take half a gummy and it works perfectly for me. I love the feeling these gummies give me. No more being down!

  48. David B.

    These are by far the best delta 8 gummies on the market. Smooth high just like they say! I will be getting more from Delta North in the future!

  49. Eric W.

    I tried many delta 8 products before Delta North, but I just couldn’t find one that gave me a reliving high that really helped me get a good night’s sleep. Highly recommend the 500mg gummies.

  50. Ryan R.

    These were super helpful to keep me calm and centered. I really love taking these in the morning. Only downside is it took about 30min for me to feel anything. Otherwise I absolutely love these.

  51. Gary D.

    These are perfect for me to feel alive and awake in the morning. The flavor is good. I might go higher than 500 for the next one but otherwise I love these. Great taste.

  52. Albert K.

    Helps me relax after long days. Great for my active mind.

  53. Alfred M.

    Very fast & responsive customer service. Very helpful and friendly.

  54. Donald M.

    I’m sleeping much better since taking Delta North. This was my first delta 8 purchase but I will be purchasing again.

  55. Jeffrey M.

    Great customer service. Even better product. I take two every morning before work. Nothing like being able to stay alert and feel great.

  56. Luis M.

    Buen producto. Me ayudó a dormir.

  57. William E.

    The customer service at Delta North is incredible. They always answer on the second ring. I couldn’t be happier.

  58. Keith S.

    These delta 8 gummies are out of this world. I love the berry (who doesn’t?). Best product out there. I will be buying more.

  59. Robert C.

    These are a great value. I really appreciate the team not over charging like other delta 8 brands or just giving sprayed gummies instead of infused ones.

  60. Marcus S.

    Very fast shipping times. Tastes great & really helps me manage my relaxation.

  61. Addie M.

    I took 1 the first time I tried delta-8. Amazing experience! I’ve decided to go down to ½ now that I’m using it more regularly. Very happy with everything.

  62. Frank R.

    These are great. Just as advertised. The taste was phenomenal & the packaging was on point.

  63. Richard J.

    Great price per mg on these. I looked everywhere & these were the best prices I could find on quality delta 8. Really good & I sincerely mean it.

  64. Cathleen M.

    Really awesome product. Will order again. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!

  65. William J.

    These are by far the best delta-8 gummies I’ve had so far. Fast shipping & thanks for calling me to follow up on how things are going!

  66. Helen L.

    Very happy with these gummies. After everything I’ve tried these seem to work the best. I really love the berry flavor.

  67. Richard S.

    I am absolutely in love with these gummies. The only thing I wish is that there was a subscription option. Truly a great product. Couldn’t recommend more.

  68. Jose M.

    Really enjoyed these. They gave me a smooth relaxing high. Unlike the others I tried, that was kind of jarring. I would highly recommend these to anyone looking for a quality delta product.

  69. Gina M.

    These gummies really do melt in your mouth.

  70. June T.

    These provided all the benefits I wanted without any of the nasty side-effects I was worried about. They even include a link to COAs showing everything in the product!

  71. Oscar R.

    I was nervous about edibles. I had read a bunch about them but wasn’t sure if they were for me. After taking these I can really say that I am officially a believer. These edibles are incredible!

  72. Stacy D.

    Wish I had found these sooner. The watermelon is an absolute delight. First time I has zzZZZ’s in a LONG TIME.

  73. Daniel S.

    These are so smooth & are just what I was looking for.

  74. Jennifer D.

    Wowa. These really put you in a good state. I was able to feel good and get on with my day with no issues. As someone with limited hemp experience these really helped open doors for me.

  75. William L.

    These are a really good price for the quality. I can’t believe the shipping quality & the quality that goes into the product at this price level. I even got some for my family.

  76. Robert E.

    By far the best d8 I’ve tried this far.

  77. Angela J.

    You have to try the Blue Raspberry. It’s so tasty! It’s stronger than what I’m used to, but now that I’ve tried it I can’t go back!

  78. Eileen J.

    The customer service team at Delta North is top noche. They answered all my questions and even helped me pick out the perfect flavor.

  79. Bradley D.

    Delta North is my one stop shop for delta 8. We have tried several other companies but they all fall short when we compare them to the quality of Delta North.

  80. Harriet T.

    I normally can’t sleep well because I have so much pain in my body. After trying Delta North I’m able to sleep better & wake up feeling better.

  81. Lisa J.

    I don’t normally like these types of products. But when is comes to my overall wellness I can say these have really helped. Will keep purchasing.

  82. Margaret P.

    The flavor has a great taste. But what really gets me is the overwhelming sense of calm these bring me.

  83. Kim H.

    Having tried these for several months I can really feel a difference. I’m happier and really calm.

  84. Timothy D.

    My mom is an avid user of delta 8. She takes these twice a day and says they are incredible. She says she’s feeling better. Really happy I got these for her!

  85. Leonard M.

    Absolutely the very best delta 8 product on the market today. Highly effective & really helps relieve my discomfort.

  86. Phillip K.

    Really happy with my purchase. I like these for several reasons. First they taste amazing. Second the price is perfect. And most of all the high is smooth and calming. I will be buying again.

  87. Joyce N.

    I was recommended these by a good friend of mine. I was pretty nervous because I had never tried anything for my sleep. All I can say is.. Wow. These are the best gummies I’ve tried the flavor is perfect & I’m sleeping like a baby.

  88. Michael A.

    I’ve tried out a few other delta 8 gummies in the past and this one performed 1 million times better than the others. These are just so darn good!

  89. Robert R.

    If you’re looking for a good night’s sleep this is it. These gummies pretty much knock you out if you’re sleepy.. But somehow help you feel energized when you’re not.

  90. Maria E.

    I’ve tried quite a few delta gummies but these by far have the best taste. The high is so smooth but what really gets me is that I don’t taste any of the delta 8! I even checked the COAs to confirm it was there (it was)!

  91. Roger L.

    I love these gummies! I highly recommend these. They give me uninterrupted sleep that really lasts until I wake up feeling refreshed.

  92. Carmen J.

    I’ve been taking these to manage my stress for the past couple of weeks. I’ve tried a few different types of products but these are by far the best ones out there. I recommend this product to anyone who suffers from managing their stress.

  93. Pedro A.

    This was my first time trying Delta 8. Good flavor. Since trying these I’ve been sleeping so well. Very happy.

  94. Calvin G.

    It was really important to me to have something that was tested. I don’t like putting things in my body when I don’t know what’s in them. Thankfully these came with everything that I needed to feel good about them. Great product.

  95. Vicki M.

    I can really feel the boost these gummies give me throughout the day. I like to take them before I sleep so I can wake up feeling refreshed & ready. I also take one in the morning. Great taste by the way.

  96. Terry R.

    I have to be honest. I’m a big skeptic when it comes to health products. They all say that they can do everything. But I have to say. These delta 8 gummies are the real deal. I took them and immediately started to feel better. I’ve generally just not been feeling that well lately.. But since trying these I’ve felt a million times better.

  97. John K.

    These gummies are just perfect. You don’t even taste the delta-8. After about 30 mins I started to feel them.

  98. Lauren E.

    Just wow. I really love the flavors. Watermelon just tastes amazing. I will be ordering again.

  99. Charles B.

    Just the taste of these made me fall in love. They’re sweet. But not too sweet. Chewy. But not too chewy. Just what I needed.

  100. Herman J.

    I love good prices so I couldn’t miss my chance to pass up these delta 8 gummies. They do a great job of getting me high smoothly.

  101. Jesse A.

    I suffer from not being able to get enough sleep and really needed something to help. I’ve been taking them now for a few days. I really recommend them. They taste amazing.

  102. Frank M.

    The other delta-8 gummies I tried were rough and hard to chew. These gummies really beat everyone on that. They dissolve in your mouth and taste incredible. I’ll be buying again!

  103. Rebecca R.

    My purpose for buying these was to get an amazing high. But what I got was so much more. The gummies taste great and really deliver when it comes to helping me relax after working out. Because of it, I find myself able to lift much more in the gym.

  104. Jennifer J.

    I love having these gummies an hour before bed. It really helps me unwind & get myself ready for a good night’s sleep. Since taking these 7 days ago I haven’t had any issues. Will definitely buy these again.

  105. Carlo M.

    Overall this is a wonderful delta-8 product. The gummies really deliver on the high. It’s smooth and really lasts a long time. I didn’t notice myself having a drag after taking them either. Very happy & will buy again.

  106. Donna J.

    I really love this product. The delta-8 gummies just taste amazing & I sleep like a baby now. I take 1 before bed each night.

  107. Tomas R.

    I’ve been having a lot of pain lately & really needed something to help out. For the first 2-3 weeks I really noticed myself being able to have a more calm frame of mind. I would definitely recommend these for anyone looking to be more calm that has pain.

  108. Ola L.

    I was worried these would be too sweet for me but they ended up being just right. Love the high too!

  109. Thomas R.

    The high is very clean when compared to the other d8 products I’ve tried. I easily take 2+ each day which I get is past the recommended 1. Trust me these are way better than you think.

  110. Joel M.

    I’m going on a gummy binge it seems since purchasing these. I have a bunch of different products I’m taking but Delta North’s by far taste the best. The packaging on them is very well done as well.

  111. Julie J.

    Since taking these I’ve been feeling a lot better. I’m 48 & work out an average of 5 days a week so my body really doesn’t recover like it used to. Since taking these I’ve been feeling much better.

  112. Carrie G.

    Really a good high. Smooth and calming which is really just what I wanted.

  113. Kevin D.

    Really surprised with how long the high lasted. I’ve tried a lot of edibles but these by far have the most calming high.

  114. Amy R.

    Just the relief that I was looking for. Finally I can get back to getting a good nights sleep.

  115. Louis M.

    These d8 gummies seem to have the perfect taste. I contacted their service team because I had a few questions & they were also very helpful.

  116. Charles C.

    My wife actually got these for me a while back since I really don’t like inhalation. Good consistency. These helped me tremendously with relaxing with the pain I have.

  117. Eric M.

    I really expected these to not live up to what everyone is saying about them. Afterall, it’s a lot to live up to. I’m glad I was wrong. I haven’t stopped taking these since I got them!

  118. Edward M.

    My friends & I really had a good time trying these. I can’t speak for them, but for me personally I’ve really noticed that my overall quality of life has shot up.

  119. Luana J.

    Having taken D9 for the past several years I was curious about why everyone was jumping to D8. Afterall, they’re the same thing right? Wrong. These gummies have warming high that’s really hard to describe. It makes you feel amazing yet still alert. Will buy again!

  120. Martha D.

    For the MG used in these I’m really surprised by the taste. I know others have talked about it but these really must have the best taste of any gummy on the market.

  121. George E.

    Results are what I care about. I want to be high and have full control. These deliver.

  122. Chris E.

    I chew one gummy when I wake up every morning. I find this really helps me ease myself into the day. Love the flavor as well!

  123. Nova C.

    Bought these back in November of last year. I only take them when I’m hanging out with friends but boy when we hang out it’s amazing. I’ll be buying again today.

  124. Christine M.

    Finally a product that actually lab tests everything that comes out of their warehouse. I can’t believe how long it took to find a reliable delta-8 company that knows what they’re doing. Thanks Delta North!

  125. Whitney C.

    I ordered this for the first time about 2 weeks ago. Shipping as really fast and the product is excellent.

  126. Kathryn A.

    Work wonderfully for me & my family. We’ve been taking them for about a month now. Also the flavor is on point.

  127. Renea J.

    These offer really strong relief for me. I have a lot of pain and being able to wind down after a stressful day was just what I needed.

  128. Matthew M.

    Ordering from CA these arrived on time. Gummies taste great & really help me with my sleep. I don’t know how anyone can go without these.

  129. Adam T.

    My days are definitely better after taking these 500mg gummies. I find that 500mg is just right for me whereas the 1000mg is just a little too much. I love that I can take these in the morning and feel great while getting things done.

  130. James S.

    This is top noche delta-8. The shipment was delivered to my home on time with everything as requested. Thanks!

  131. Charles M.

    If you want the real stuff this is it. Lab tests and all. Happy with my purchase.

  132. Frank C.

    Excellent Delta-8 with no aftertaste. I’ve tried a few and they all left a nasty after taste in my mouth. Thankfully these didn’t.

  133. Charles B.

    These helped me tremendously. I bought these to better manage my stress but I ended up just taking them to feel good.

  134. Barbara G.

    This will be my 4th time ordering from Delta North. Product has always arrived on time and the care team has always been helpful.

  135. James W.

    These gummies are really delicious.

  136. Luis W.

    I really love these delta-8 gummies – at least the 500mg ones. It’s always hard to find a quality product in newer areas. Thankfully these have a COA so I felt confident about them. Even someone that doesn’t typically like gummies will enjoy these.

  137. Dale C.

    These d8 gummies worked the best of any of the gummies I have tried so far.

  138. Jason J.

    Really strong product that helped me relax during the day. There are many people I know who have issues just being able to enjoy themselves. I’d recommend this product to them.

  139. John A.

    I didn’t expect these to taste as good as they do. I bought them because of the COAs but ended up buying them again on taste alone. The high is also really good.

  140. Janet L.

    I’ll admit I am a bit of a sticular when it comes to gummies. I really only want to have the very best ones. Thankfully these delivered on all counts.

  141. James S.

    Fun to eat. Even more fun to feel the effects of.

  142. Ray S.

    As everyone is saying these have a really good taste.

  143. Arnold T.

    I wanted these because I wanted to experience a smooth high. These really work!

  144. Sharon R.

    Work great for managing myself and maintaining a calm mind and body. I will be buying again!

  145. Juan L.

    I’m really sensitive to what goes in my body. I like making sure the products are quality because if they’re not I’ll typically feel pretty bad. After doing a lot of research I arrived on Delta North. The quality is unmatched.

  146. Raymond G.

    Really great texture. My other delta 8 gummies are a bit on the tough side to chew. These practically dissolve in my mouth!!

  147. Raymond L.

    I’ll be buying these delta-8 gummies again. I was recommended these by a friend and was hesitant at first. After trying them I can really see what everyone is talking about. These taste amazing and really do work.

  148. Tommy C.

    Excellent taste. The high helps too.

  149. Melissa K.

    Really a quality product all around. I tried these with friends that are really into this kind of stuff. Kind of knocked their socks off! Will be buying again

  150. Lydia W.

    Nothing beats good prices and these prices for delta-8 at this level are hard to beat! Will order again!

  151. Charles V.

    Really helps me rest easy at night and fall into a deep sleep.

  152. Brittney G.

    Delta-8 has been a game changer for me. I now wake up feeling ready to get on with my day without all the restless nights I had before!

  153. James S.

    These are really good. I tried them at a friends place & just had to pick them up. The high is something like a smooth lift off.

  154. Kimberly G.

    These gummies are refreshing to the last one.

  155. Esther C.

    It was really important for me to find a gummy that was easy to chew and tasted great. Thankfully these check all the boxes!

  156. Jim F.

    These are a new family favorite at my house. Nothing beats kicking back with delta-8 gummies.

  157. Samuel J.

    This has to be the best high that I have ever experienced.

  158. Norman P.

    Pack of 20 really hits the spot. I like getting fresh gummies and boy are these fresh. The high is more uplifting like they say. It almost feels like you’re being lifted up.

  159. Mary L.

    I have to stop myself from eating too many. These are just so darn good!

  160. Aaron N.

    I love these gummies. As a 34 year old man I cannot get enough of these. They taste sweet and make me feel like I’m on cloud 9.

  161. Virginia D.

    So first off, these are my first delta-8 gummies ever… I was referred to them from a good friend of mine who said that they might be able to help me with managing pain. These are really just good old fashioned delicious gummies. PLUS they make you feel amazing. What’s not to love?

  162. Fannie M.

    These gummies are juicy and sweet. Nothing like juicy and tasty gummies before getting a relaxing high.

  163. Gary A.

    The customer service team at Delta North is impeccable. They got me everything I wanted & really made sure I understood the product.

  164. Angie M.

    These gummies are high quality & you can tell that just by looking at the COA. I’ve never seen a company that took so much time to make sure everything was right.

  165. Evie M.

    I love these gummies! They are so fun to bring to parties!

  166. Brian R.

    I felt a lot better knowing that this product was made in the USA.

  167. Jose S.

    Tastes like fresh berries. I got tired of using my d9 that kept making me feel off. Ever since switching to this product I’ve been feeling better.

  168. Thomas R.

    The watermelon flavor is delicious. I expected it to be overwhelming like the other delta gummies I’ve had but instead it was like a light taste. It has almost a warm consistency that makes them melt in your mouth.

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