How To Clear Delta-8 From Your System?

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So, delta-8 has become a part of your daily health and wellness routine. But there's a problem—you have an upcoming drug test at your workplace. 

There are a few concerns to address with this. Firstly, will delta-8 show up on a drug test? 

And if so, how long will delta-8 remain in your system? 

We'll explore how you can clear delta-8 safely and effectively from your system. We'll also look at how long delta-8 typically stays in your system. 

Let's jump right in! 

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What is Delta-8? 

Delta-8 THC is a compound found in the hemp plant. The hemp plant is a massive wellspring of various compounds with differing effects. And scientists, to this day, still have their hands full studying the properties and benefits of each one, including delta-8. 

Delta-8 compound has a very similar structure to another well-known cannabinoid, delta-9. The only difference?—The location of the carbon-carbon double bond

While seemingly insignificant, this minute difference can impact how each compound reacts with your body's receptors. 

This explains why delta-9 generates a quicker and more intense lift while delta-8 offers a smoother, prolonged climb. 

Delta-8 effects

The effects of delta-8 THC are most often described as a mellow, slow-onset high that helps maintain a sense of calm throughout the day. It's said to be a delightful and uplifting experience, quite like getting your daily regimen of (much-needed) zen for the day. 

Some people may even describe the lift as having the pressure and tension eased off their shoulders. 

Delta-8 may also be less likely to lead to side effects you'll notice with delta-9. 

Due to all these reasons, delta-8 has become a highly-coveted commodity that's steadily gaining traction in recent years. 

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Is Delta-8 Legal?

The legality of delta-8 has caused quite a ruckus. But thankfully, we have some good news for you. 

Delta-8 is federally legal. 

And the 2018 Farm Bill gets the credit for this. According to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp and all its derivatives are legal, as long as the concentration of delta-9 THC in the product is less than 0.3%

Since delta-8 and delta-9 are distinctively different compounds, delta-8 products are considered legal. But these products should not contain more than 0.3% of delta-9 THC. 

Before you heave your sigh of relief, though, there's still one thing that needs to be addressed. 

If delta-8 is legal, why are we concerned it'll end up in a drug test? 

Let's explore this in the section below. 

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Will Delta-8 Show Up In A Drug Test?

Yes, delta-8 could show up on a drug test. This would be a false positive, though, since delta-8 is federally legal. 

While delta-8 is federally-legal, the problem lies in how similar it is to delta-9. Your body breaks down THC compounds (delta-8 and delta-9) into metabolites, which are then detected by the drug test. 

Both delta-8 and delta-9 end up as the same metabolite, THC-COOH, which is picked up by the test. Hence, a simple drug test usually cannot detect the differences between delta-8 and delta-9 in your system. 

As long as the level of THC-COOH meets a certain cut-off point, the urine test will show a positive result, even if you only consumed delta-8. 

Additionally, if you buy delta-8 products from an unreliable source, such as gas stations, you risk possessing an illegal product. Such products may contain a higher quantity of delta-9 than what's allowed (greater than 0.3%). And this is very likely to lead to a positive drug test as well. 

This emphasizes the importance of purchasing delta-8 from a reliable vendor that has conducted third-party testing on their products. Delta North performs third-party lab testing on all delta-8 gummies to ensure their purity, potency, and compliance with the law. 

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How Long Does It Take To Clear Delta-8 From Your System?

Delta-8 can be detected in your urine anywhere between 3 to over 30 days after you've last consumed it. We recommend speaking with your doctor. 

How long delta-8 stays in your system really depends on a few factors. Firstly, how often you use delta-8 can significantly impact this

For instance, it may take around 3 days for your body to clear delta-8 if you're an occasional user. On the other hand, delta-8 metabolites can typically be detected for about 5-7 days in a moderate user and about 2 weeks in a daily user. If you consume higher concentrations of delta-8 daily, the metabolites may still be detected in your urine even after 30 days. 

Some other factors that can affect how long it takes to clear delta-8 from your system include the following:-

Your metabolism rate

Your liver shoulders the responsibility of clearing delta-8 from your body. And the little workers that labor tirelessly behind the scenes are liver enzymes. 

Specific enzymes can only break down specific substances. The enzyme that most effectively breaks down delta-8 is the CYP3A4 enzyme

Some people inherently have more of these enzymes. So, the more you have, the faster your body clears delta-8. It's quite like playing the genetics jackpot, as you'll have little control over this. 

The method of consumption

Delta-8 edibles tend to be absorbed and cleared from your system slower than inhaled delta-8. 

Inhaled delta-8 takes just minutes to enter your bloodstream, while ingested delta-8 will need at least 30 minutes to over 2 hours before it activates. 

Due to this, you can also expect your body to remove ingested delta-8 much slower compared to other methods of usage. 


Because your liver enzymes can only process so much at once, consuming larger quantities of delta-8 will mean more time is needed to get it out of your system. 

When learning how to clear delta-8 from your system, since higher strength products contain more delta-8 compared to lower potency ones, you can also expect your body to take more time to clear such products from your system. 

Delta-8 will take time to be removed. So, it's best to avoid consuming delta-8 if you have a quickly-approaching drug test scheduled. 

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How To Clear Delta-8 From Your System

If you're looking for a surefire, overnight solution to remove delta-8 from your system, you're in luck—tough luck. The only foolproof answer is abstinence, and avoiding delta-8 in the weeks leading up to your drug test is the most effective way to pass it. 

The fact is, clearing delta-8 from your system will take at least a few days. And it's hard (impossible, actually) to find something that can effectively do it overnight. 

Nonetheless, here are some ways to boost your chances of clearing delta-8 from your system before a drug test. 

Drink plenty of water.

Drinking plenty of water may help to rid your body of any delta-8. Drinking more water can lead to more frequent urination. And since delta-8 is excreted via the kidneys, this may help to flush out any residue delta-8 from your system. 

The actual efficacy of drinking more water to remove delta-8 from your body has yet to be concretely proven by research studies. However, there's no harm in trying, since staying well-hydrated also helps enhance your physical wellness. 

Try drinking tea.

Some common household beverages like green tea or jasmine tea are said to help with 'detoxing.' Essentially, they help you urinate more often, which could play a role in getting rid of delta-8. 

Again, this method isn't evidence-backed, but drinking tea comes with its own set of health benefits, too. 

You may notice some brands selling weed detoxes or detox drinks. Some of these 'quick-fix detoxes' also come in powder or pills. They're touted to help you pass your drug tests with flying colors, but these claims are questionable. 

Firstly, their efficacy in clearing your body of delta-8 has yet to be proven. Some of these products could even be harmful to your health. 

And usually, these detox remedies work by flushing out your kidneys. This could also alter how much creatinine is found in your urine, another marker that drug tests detect. 

An abnormally high amount of creatinine could signal foul play. And your tester might assume you're trying to cheat on a drug test. As a result, you may have to re-sit the test. 

Sweat it out.

The metabolites of THC tend to store up in your fat cells. Hence, cardio-driven and weight-training exercises may help you boost your metabolism and burn more fat. 

Reducing fat cells could help reduce the level of THC stored in your body. 

Avoid alcohol.

Alcohol could boost the storage of THC in your fat cells. Once THC is stored in your fat cells, removing it becomes more challenging. 

Thus, it's best to avoid drinking too much alcohol if you're trying to remove delta-8 from your system. 

The efficacy of these methods would differ from person to person. In any case, it's best to avoid consuming delta-8 nearing your drug test. But if you already have, feel free to take these methods on a test run to increase your odds of passing it. 

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How To Consume Delta-8 

There are various methods of consuming delta-8. They are as follows:-


Delta-8 edibles are one of the most fun and discreet ways to get your delta-8 fix. These take the longest to enter your bloodstream—between 15 minutes to over 2 hours—as they need to be processed by the liver. Hence, they take the most time to leave your system. 

Under the tongue

A delta-8 tincture is a liquid that goes under the tongue, and it is absorbed through the membranes of your mouth and enters your bloodstream directly. Since the liver doesn't process it, this method of delivery takes as little as 15 minutes, but usually around 30 minutes to activate. 


This delta-8 comes in the form of a vapor, which you inhale, and this enters your lungs and then your bloodstream. Inhaled delta-8 activates the quickest but lasts for the shortest time. 

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Final Takeaway: How To Clear Your System Of Delta-8

Abstinence is the best way to ensure your body does not contain any traces of delta-8 before your drug test. However, drinking plenty of water, getting some exercise, and avoiding alcohol may help clear delta-8 from your system safely and more effectively. 

If you're looking for a third-party tested, high-quality source of delta-8, Delta North's delta-8 gummies are a fantastic choice. Delta North's process from seed to shelf involves closely-monitored production in a cGMP-certified facility, extensive taste testing, and third-party lab testing.

These gummies have passed tests for compliance, potency, and safety. They are also available at a discounted rate through delta 8 gummies bulk—not to mention they're some of the best-tasting on the market!

Legal Disclaimer: You should still consult an attorney for the best legal advice regarding Delta-8 in your state, as the material shared here is for informational purposes only.