Delta-8 Vs. CBD – What’s The Difference?

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So you are down at your local dispensary or scrolling through hemp products online. You notice a bunch of repeating terms: CBD, hemp, delta-8, delta-9, HHC.

Yes, we admit it can be confusing. First, the CBD hype took over. Then delta-9 became a hot topic. And now, we are face-to-face with a new player in the market—delta-8.

What differentiates one from the other, anyway? 

The good news is that we have all the answers you need. 

This article will cover the differences between delta-8 and CBD in terms of legality, effects, and strength. We'll also explore the differences between delta-8 and weed.

With this comprehensive guide, you'll learn all you need to know on "delta-8 vs. CBD" to make the best-informed choice while shopping. 

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What Is Delta-8?

So, what is delta-8?

We're glad you asked. Well, delta-8 is a compound naturally found in the Sativa plant.

If you aren't new to the space, you probably know that CBD is present in hemp plants. As popular as CBD has become, it isn't the only compound you'll find in these plants. In fact, the cannabis plant contains over 400 different chemical compounds, including delta-8. 

Delta-8 is found in minimal traces in the hemp plant. But delta-9 and CBD can also be converted into delta-8 through certain chemical processes.

Don't worry. We won't be going up the entire number scale. For now, these are the three musketeers of the hemp realm—delta-8, delta-9, and delta-10. 

But how are they different from one another? And what are the differences between delta-8 and weed (delta-9 THC)? 

The significant difference lies in their molecular structure and the location of the carbon-carbon double bond. Due to this difference, each compound interacts differently with the receptors in your body. And because of that, the high you experience from delta-8 will be a unique experience altogether. 

We'll explore more about delta-8 vs. CBD in the next section.

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What is CBD?

These are some of the most common questions we get: Is delta-8 CBD? And is delta-8 the same as CBD?

No, both these compounds may share some similarities, but they are distinctly different compounds that produce different effects

Remember how we mentioned before that the hemp plant contains hundreds of different chemical compounds? Well, both delta-8 THC and CBD are different compounds, or naturally-occurring compounds, present in the hemp plant. 

Just imagine an egg. It contains both egg white and egg yolk. Essentially, both are different, though they come from the same egg. The same can be said about delta-8 and CBD. They both come from the cannabis plant. But they aren't the same compound. 

You may also be wondering, "Does delta-8 have CBD in it?

The answer is yet again, a no. That's similar to asking if egg white consists of egg yolk, or vice versa. 

To sum it up, delta-8 is not CBD and does not contain CBD. They're merely different compounds found in the same plant. 

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What Are The Differences Between CBD And Delta-8?

To put it simply—delta-8 is a type of THC compound, while CBD isn't. Though they come from the same mother, these siblings have different behavioral characteristics. And they look completely different. 

Delta-9 and delta-8 have very similar-looking molecular structures (you could think of them as twins). But CBD and delta-8 do not share much in common in terms of structure. Hence, both compounds interact differently with the receptors in your body, producing varying effects. 

We'll explore the topic of CBD vs. delta-8 in a few aspects, including effects, strength, and legality.

Benefits of Delta-8 Vs. CBD

Well, the benefits of delta-8 are not as widely known as it is a rather new player in the market. And researchers are still exploring its benefits to your body. 

Based on anecdotal evidence and personal reports, people have used delta-8 to help with:

  • Support with your daily wellness routine
  • Help with maintaining a sense of calm
  • Ready to tackle your to-do list

Research investigating the effects of delta-8 on conditions is still ongoing. But the results seem promising thus far. 

CBD has received booming attention from the media, politicians, and scientists in recent years. Why? Because CBD is thought to help with several health issues.

Since CBD isn't new to the scene, extensive research studies have investigated its benefits. Based on research, CBD may help with: 

  • Promoting relaxation 

There is currently one CBD product approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is a prescription CBD oil called Epidiolex.

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Effects of Delta-8 Vs. CBD

Now, onto the juiciest part of the article. What are the effects of delta-8 gummies

In general, the delta-8 high is an enjoyable, relaxing one. The high is smoother and prolonged, commonly described as a 'functional' high rather than a 'I-can't-get-off-my-couch' high. 

Many people enjoy making delta-8 a part of their daily wellness routine, as it helps support a sense of calm. It's the merry-go-round of the theme park—pleasant, smooth, and a ride you can get off anytime. 

This is different from a rollercoaster type of high you may experience with delta-9—a rapid and heavy-hitting high that can be a little overwhelming for rookies. 

But what's the high like for CBD vs. delta–8

So, delta-8 is the merry-go-round, and delta-9 is the rollercoaster. 

CBD will be paying for entrance tickets and walking around the theme park without boarding any ride. Because it doesn't get you high—at all.

It does not produce any form of euphoric intoxication or psychoactive effect, and consuming it alone will not produce the same effects you get from THC products. 

Nonetheless, people still use CBD to help with promoting relaxation.

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Legality of Delta-8 Vs. CBD

The laws surrounding the use of delta-8 and CBD products can be confusing to navigate. Though we wish everything were crystal clear, this isn't the case for laws governing the use of delta-8 and CBD products. 

The legality of your delta-8 or CBD product will depend on a few factors:

  • The source 
  • State laws 
  • The concentration of delta-9 THC in the product 

So, is delta-8 legal

Yes, delta-8 is legal federally on two conditions. The product must be hemp-derived. And secondly, the product must contain less than 0.3% of delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol. 

The Farm Bill 2018 was the turning point. It removed hemp from the Controlled Substances Act and legalized hemp products, as long as the content of delta-9 THC was less than 0.3%. 

Delta-9 was specifically mentioned, but not delta-8. So this technically made delta-8 products legal, as long as those conditions were met. However, each state still gets to decide for itself if delta-8 is legal. 

Are there any differences between CBD and delta-8 in terms of the law? 

Well, the same concept applies. CBD is federally legal as long as it is hemp-derived and contains less than 0.3% of delta-9 THC. 

But this doesn't automatically make CBD legal in every state. Some states have banned CBD products altogether. Meanwhile, other states allow the sale, transportation, and possession of hemp-derived CBD products that meet the mentioned conditions. 

In short, the legality of CBD and delta-8 products will depend on your state laws. Hence, you should do research before purchasing any of these products to ensure you don't run into any trouble with the law. 

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Is CBD or Delta-8 Stronger?

Well, it depends on what you're referring to. Let's start with the 'high' of delta-8 vs. CBD. In this case, delta-8 wins hands down. Simply because CBD was never a contender, to begin with. It does not produce any euphoric or intoxicating effects. So in terms of strength, delta-8 is 100% more likely to give you a high.

But the effects you experience from a delta-8 product will also be affected by the method of delivery. Let's explore this further. 

Delta-8 comes in several forms as follows: 

  • Edibles. Gummies and soft gel capsules are some of the most common ways to consume delta-8. However, some companies sell more unique edibles, such as brownies, cereals, or biscuits containing delta-8. Edibles usually take the longest time (30 minutes to 2 hours) to display an effect, though this effect will be longer-lasting. 
  • Tinctures and oils. Tinctures are another popular method of consumption. You'll drop the liquid beneath your tongue and hold it there. This method takes around 15 minutes to an hour to kick in, though the effects won't last as long as edibles. 
  • Vapes. This will kick in the fastest and last the shortest. The delta-8 oil is heated in a cartridge and will transform into a vapor that enters your lungs and bloodstream. 

Are there any differences between delta-8 and CBD in terms of consumption? 

CBD products also come in edibles, tinctures, oils, and vapes like delta-8 products. But on top of that, you'll also find them in topical products, such as creams, balms, lotions, and ointments. 

Can You Combine Delta-8 and CBD?

The effects will differ from person to person, of course.

It may take some fiddling around to find the best quantity and method of delivery for both products. Ideally, you'll want their effects to peak at the same time. So using a vape and edible at exactly the same time isn't optimal due to the different onset of action for each.

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Conclusion - Delta-8 Vs. CBD

Now that you understand the differences between delta-8 and CBD, you can make a better purchasing decision. But those are just two of the many products lining the scene. 

Delta-10 is another one you can consider. But you may wish to learn more about the benefits and effects of delta-8 vs. delta-10 before making a purchase. 

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