Delta North’s Superior Delta-8 Products

So you’ve heard the word delta-8 buzzing around, and you’re curious what it’s all about. We don’t blame you. Delta-8 is a plant compound derived from hemp. It occurs naturally in the plant but only in small quantities, so the experts have headed to the lab to convert other hemp compounds into delta-8 through a complex process called oxidation. This process turns one derivative of hemp into another derivative of hemp — an important distinction as you learn more about the laws that are starting to crop up in different states, claiming it’s a synthetic plant compound

What gets people most excited about delta-8 products is that it is psychoactive and legal in most states. 

Why Choose Our Delta-8 Products? 

They are committed to creating the highest quality delta-8 products using a proprietary delta-8 distillate extraction that is third-party lab-verified for compliance, consistency, and efficacy. You can find these soft yet chewy delta-8 gummies in unrivaled flavors that consist of blue raspberry, watermelon, cherry, berry, and tropical mix. 

The hemp market isn’t highly regulated at this moment in time, so it’s up to the brands to set a precedence for what is and isn’t a good practice. What defines good business practices in the hemp world? Adhering to the highest standard, not cutting corners in the production of premium delta-8 products, third-party lab testing, and transparency with the consumer. 

Delta North offers this highest standard. They go above and beyond what’s required or expected in delta-8 products in today’s market. We stand behind our products here at Delta North because we believe in our processes, and we believe in our consumers’ abilities to do their research and come back knowing that when they shop delta-8 with Delta North, they’re getting the best there is. 

With Delta North, you’ll always know what’s in your delta-8 products because we offer a Certificate of Analysis on every bottle. Third-party lab testing is a must. Why? Because a company can say whatever they want about ingredients, but without verification through a third party, there’s no way to know if what they’re saying is true. This is unfortunate but a current reality. Perhaps someday, there will be more standards in place that ensure all delta-8 products are on the up-and-up, but until then, it’s third-party results all the way. 

That’s the definition of accountability. Delta North holds themselves accountable, so you don’t have to do the guesswork. You can just sit back, relax, and enjoy your delta-8 without worrying if it’s a premium product. 

How much delta-8 should you consume?

It’s all relative, really. Everybody is different and will require different things. We recommend starting small when you’re considering how much delta-8 you should take in milligrams. Most hemp products are measured in mg. In Delta North gummies, you’ll find that they have 25 mg per gummy. 

If you’ve ever taken delta-9 edibles before, you might be saying, “Whoa! 25 mg is a lot!” The thing to note is that delta-8 is not the same as delta-9, and it doesn’t affect the body in the same way. We’ll talk about this more in the next section. The critical thing to remember is that when it comes to delta-8 strength, a few factors come into play like: 

  • Genetics 
  • Metabolism
  • How much you ate that day
  • Your reasons for taking delta-8
  • Bodyweight and so much more

Now let’s look at the delta-8 high that everyone is excited about. 

The Delta-8 High.

What does the delta-8 high feel like? Of course, it’s going to be a little different for everybody because of the criteria above. Each person is built a bit differently and will have varying tolerances. Generally, the delta-8 high is smooth. It’s more prolonged than other hemp highs, which is excellent for those looking for lasting support and fun. 

The delta-8 high is also milder than delta-9 in some ways. 25 mg of delta-8 might be a lot for some people, but it won’t feel as intense as if you’d consumed 25 mg of delta-9. The great part about consuming delta-8 gummies is you can cut them into smaller pieces. You don’t have to consume a certain amount just because that’s how much is in a single piece. Take what you want and then seal up the rest until next time. 

When you purchase premium delta-8 products, you’ll feel chill AF without all of the side effects like dry eyes, getting locked into the couch, or getting locked in your mind. A win for everyone. 

What kind of delta-8 products can you buy?

Just like most hemp products, you can find all kinds of different delta-8 products to suit your fancy. We’ll talk about the most common ones and what you might expect from them. 

Delta-8 Gummies

Edibles are our favorites most of the time. They’re playful, easy to take, and taste delicious. They’re a popular consumption method when you order delta-8, and you’ll likely find plenty of options. That’s why it’s essential to do your due diligence, so you get delicious and effective ones like Delta North delta-8 gummies. Edibles are processed through the liver and can take anywhere from 30 minutes to over 2 hours to fully activate in the body. 

Delta-8 Tinctures

You’ve probably seen different hemp-derived tinctures, and you can find the delta-8 varieties in this delivery method as well. Tinctures are a liquid usually found in an amber-colored glass bottle with a dropper that you use to measure the product and then drop it under your tongue. You hold it here for a moment and then swallow the mixture. Tinctures are absorbed through the membranes in your mouth and enter the bloodstream. Activation time could be as little as 10 to 15 minutes and usually takes around 30 minutes. 

Delta-8 Inhalation

Inhalation is the quickest activation. Just as it sounds, you inhale the vapor or smoke from the delta-8, where it then passes through the lungs and directly into the bloodstream, versus processing through the liver like an edible. While it has a faster activation of delta-8 than other methods, it also lasts the shortest amount of time. 

Delta-8 Topicals

If you’re into topicals — applying them to the skin — you may love a delta-8 topical. They’re usually incorporated into salves, lotions, gels, and other delta-8 products rubbed into the skin. More research is needed on the benefits of delta-8 in general and used as a topical, but it’s unlikely to get you high depending on how it’s used. It’s always best to start small and work your way up to see how your body reacts to the product. 

If you’re wondering where to buy delta-8, wonder no more. You can head on over to Delta North and shop around for some incredibly tasty and powerful delta-8 gummies that are always third-party lab tested and formulated with the utmost attention to quality, consistency, and compliance. 

Delta-8 Products FAQs

Delta-8 is skyrocketing on the market right now. Once a relatively unknown plant compound, it’s understandable that delta-8 online will produce some questions. Let’s answer some frequently asked questions so you can feel confident to screen a product for quality when you find delta-8 for sale.